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Building pads


Swimming pools

Municipal sewage


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A green John Deere tractor pulling a disc followed by a sprayer that is spraying water on the freshly tilled land. In the background, a clear blue sky setting the backdrop for the Colby water tower, two tan and red metal shop buildings as well as four metal grain bins. A Cahoj Earthmoving, Inc. yellow Caterpillar paddle scrapper in action, preparing the land for a new project. Dust is flying everywhere on perfect, sunny day.
Two yellow Cahoj Earthmoving, Inc. Caterpillar scrapers excavate a site for two large metal grain bins. The grain bins sit behind an orange snow fence.

Professional Site Preparation and Excavation

Cahoj Earthmoving, Inc. has the experience, equipment and capability to plan and complete your excavation project.  


Core excavating services include:

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Site preparation for residential, commercial, agricultural and municipality projects. Such as:

Access roads

Precision grading

  • We use the latest in GPS and laser technology.

Erosion control

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